Venture Connect's Business Advisors are Business Succession Specialists, with a collective experience of 30+ years helping owners prepare for and undergo a business sale. Venture Connect is owned by a not-for-profit whose mission is business retention in Canadian cities. Business Advisors do not collect a commission from a business sale, and all services are designed to compliment, rather than compete with those of a Realtor.

At Any Stage of the Process

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Price: Free

Sellers are encouraged to explore this website, the business listings, and the How to Sell a Business page before reaching out for a consultation. Having a general understanding of goals, interests, and a list of questions will help structure the conversation and help Venture Connect's Business Advisors tailor their advice.

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Before the Sale

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Business Valuation

Price: Starts at $750

An in-depth assessment of the business, including assets, market context and opportunities for growth. Recommendations for pricing are included. An invaluable document for setting a fair, attractive price with room for further negotiation with an interested buyer.  

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Business Factsheet

Price: Starts at $750

A detailed, professional multi-page document that describes the current state and future opportunities of the business, as well as additional information about the business and sale. Using language and images geared towards buyers, this document is a marketing tool to attract and retain interest from prospective buyers. 

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Online Business Listing (Self-Guided)

Price: Free of charge

Create an account with Venture Connect to add a business listing to the directory. Prospective buyers will be able to search by business type, industry, location and price. Space is available to add contact information, which can go directly to the Seller. Alternatively, Venture Connect can manage all incoming inquiries through the Seller Assist service.

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Seller Assist

Price: $25 per inquiry

Have inquiries directed to Venture Connect instead of taking time away from business operations. Venture Connect will vet each buyer, focusing on those who show serious interest. The business will be presented in its best light, and background information will be shared before forwarding the contact on to the seller.

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During the Sale

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Sale Mediation

Price: Starts at $750

Sale mediation includes a written Letter of Intent that clearly outlines the terms of agreement and responsibilities between sellers and buyers. It is a way to safeguard and clarify expectations so that nothing is assumed or forgotten. On average, 88% of sales mediated by Venture Connect conclude successfully, while sales without mediation have a success rate of 25%

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After the Sale

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Business Transition Plan

Price: Varies, contact us to inquire

Venture Connect will work with the seller to create an in-depth Transition Plan that will become an integral part of a smooth transition to new owners. It can also influence a buyer's consideration to purchase. The Transition Plan helps to ensure that the business' long-time, valued clients are taken care of and the quality of the business is maintained.

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