Seller FAQ

What types of listings do you have on your site?

Inventory, or business listings, are added to the website from 3 sources: business owners, REALTORS (R) and economic development agencies. Listings are consistently updated. Investors can view opportunities from around the province, in most industries and at various price points.

I would like to sell, but how do I value my business?

A Venture Connect Business Advisor would be happy to assist you. You can contact us by phone at: 1-855-421-0082 or e-mail us. If you would like to contact us using our secure website form, please click to access the form.

Contrary to a common thought that business owners are unrealistically high on the price they perceive their business is worth, our experience is showing that most of the time our price determination confirms what business owners are already thinking. When Venture Connect determines a selling price for a client, factors that tend to dampen and heighten the risk to a potential buyer are provided. These factors along with our process helps owners understand how value is perceived and calculated. Venture Connect provides unbiased price determinations which are used by real estate agents and private sellers.

It's human nature to want to test the market to see if there’s a buyer willing to pay top dollar or higher but there are risks to this practice.  Like any inventory business listings can become stale, losing potential buyer enquiries, wasting buyer and seller time and providing an opportunity for potentially interested prospects to ask "what’s wrong with the business?"

What is the best way to prepare my business for sale?

Selling a business is a challenge and although our service is very successful for many of our users, you may want to try a number of approaches to making a sale.

Transition Plan – Venture Connect will work with you to create an in-depth Transition Plan that will be an integral part of your smooth transition and a buyer’s consideration to purchase. It will help to ensure that your long-time, valued clients are taken care of and that your quality is maintained. A properly followed Venture Connect Transition Plan may also increase the amount you will actually take home when a deal is done. As well, a business that has successfully completed a Transition Plan through Venture Connect may be given an endorsement on our website as a business primed for sale.

Succession Plan - A Succession Plan focuses on the businesses’ human resources. With consideration of your exit, Venture Connect will work with you to create a plan and systematic approach that is aligned with your mission and core values and potentially identify or attract a successor who is on the same page with your company strategy and culture and to support staff through a management transition. A Succession Plan is one component of a Transition Plan.

Exit Essentials – Venture Connect works with business owners to create Offer for Sale sales documents. This multi-page document is an essential tool when used in conjunction with realtors or for business owners choosing the For Sale by Owner route. This document is thorough and contains sensitive and confidential information about a business such as detailed financial information and inventory and equipment lists etc. The document should not be provide to enquirers until a Non-disclosure has been signed.

Can I include pictures or images with my listing?

This is highly recommended and at least one picture is required to place a listing on Several photos can be uploaded to your listing. Our system accepts JPEG (.jpg) and PNG (.png) files.

What can I do to help sell my business?

  • Maintain normal working hours and quality of work.
  • Keep the business facilities clean and in good repair.
  • Keep all financial records in order and make sure that all personal expenses are not run through the business.
  • Remove equipment or furniture that is not part of the sale.
  • Be as accommodating as possible when making appointments to meet with buyers.

Why is seller financing important to the sale of my business?

Research has shown that a seller who asks for a cash sale receives, on average, only 70% of their asking price. Sellers who accept terms receive, on average, 86% of their asking price.

Many sellers are unaware that they can earn considerable interest by financing the sale of their business. If the seller is willing to finance a portion of the business sale, it highlights to the Buyer that the Seller has confidence in his or her business as a valuable and profitable service.

How do business buyers make contact with me?

Buyers will connect directly with you by clicking on the Contact button on your listing. Behind the Contact button is your email address which is hidden for security purposes.

You may also place a phone number if you wish to receive calls.

How do I sell my business on my own?

Many business owners choose the For Sale By Owner route. You will need to:

  • establish a realistic selling price
  • have ready a business summary sales tool such as a fact sheet
  • expose your business by placing it on
  • have the ability to negotiate and close the sale

Venture Connect is able to assist with any or all of these requirements.

I just submitted my listing and it doesn't appear online. When will it be available online?

The database is generally updated within 1 business day of receiving new information on a listing. At times, there may be a delay due to large volume of new listings or database modifications. If you don't see your listing online within 2 business days, please contact us.

What are the costs of advertising my business on your website?

Business For Sale listings are always placed at NO Charge.

If you wish to advertise your business service in our Local Professionals section, the cost is $90 per quarter (3 month) or $300 per year (paid upfront) + GST.

I have a suggestion for your website. How can I reach you?

If you have a comment or suggestion on how we can improve our website, please email us. We will respond as soon as possible.