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Small Business BC 

Small Business BC is British Columbia's resource centre for knowledge-based business products and services. Core activities are supported by funds from Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation. Small Business BC’s mandate is to provide small businesses at every stage of development with products, services, and support that:

  • Assist in development and growth
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Enable businesses to take advantage of new opportunities 

Globe and Mail 

The business section of the Globe and Mail has numerous articles about selling businesses in Canada.

Five Tips for Selling Your Business 

“Selling a business is the most popular exit strategy for business owners. In some cases, there are no successors who want to continue the business; in others, it was always the business owner's plan to convert the business into liquid assets at a certain point….”

Business Valuation 

This article talks about the different ways that businesses are valued and the methods used to get to those valuations.

Ten Tips for Maximizing the Sale of Your Business 

This article outlines the steps that need to be taken to make your business sale pay top dollar.

Staging Your Business: A Luxury or a Necessity? 

This article talks about the fact that in the future it will be a small business buyer’s market, and in such a market, any business that hasn’t been adequately prepared for sale will be salable only at a heavily discounted price unless it is well staged. Your Business-Luxury or Necessity.pdf 


Succession Planning

Canada Business 

This is a short article outlining how to find the right strategy for handing over or selling your business to someone else, whether it be staff, family, friend or entrepreneur. This page has a number of good articles about business transition.

Business Development Bank of Canada 

BDC’s Advice Centre has a number of articles about business transition and succession planning.

Bank of Montreal 

Bank of Montreal has a short article about Succession Planning benefits for small business.

Royal Bank of Canada 

Royal Bank of Canada has a number of articles with succession and the implications of selling a small business in their Advice Center section.