Frequently Asked Questions

For Sellers

What types of listings do you have on your site?

Inventory, or business listings, are added to the website from 3 sources: business owners, REALTORS (R) and economic development agencies. Listings are consistently updated. Investors can view opportunities from around the province, in most industries and at various price points.

For Buyers

Am I ready to buy a business?

Buying a business is a major lifestyle change, so you’re right to wonder if you’re ready to buy a business. It often requires long hours and a total commitment to all the business' needs and challenges. You can find yourself watching every detail to ensure success. A business purchase also requires a serious financial investment and always deserves comprehensive research.

You also get a lifestyle that can’t be found anywhere else: you can be on your own and make your own decisions.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Talking to a Venture Connect Advisor can help you choose the right path.