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97,  Poort Technologies Inc.

$ 79,000

Poort Technologies Inc. is a small industrial design firm manufacturing advanced iPad Hubs (tablet enclosures). The company has designed and produces enclosures for tablets such as the iPad and Microsoft Surface Go that can upgrade the hundreds of millions of those tablets in existence, to become fixed, smart appliances.

5G Streaming Terminals High Speed, low latency applications for either iOS or Windows 10 can be deployed over kitchen counters, and workplaces as base stations - for all web, messaging, and video (Netflix etc.) streaming content. These Poorts (alone) maintain an independent Web, for YouTube etc. as free services using just 10W over WiFi

Development is Complete The company has two completed and proven plastic injection moulds, made of premium, long-life carbon steel, with a standard interface for use in any facility. Now in contracted production in Richmond (Steveston) BC. Poort's ownership need only to order production runs, and can operate the business turnkey from any location in the world.

Production Cost and Distribution Cost per kit is ~$20 CAN and sells for $40 USD. Amazon, Shopify, Etsy accounts display and remit revenue for all transactions in North America, requiring only intermittent bulk stocking, or direct dealer sales. The firm is already profitable on Amazon, although Poort is newly listed there and no marketing has yet been initiated.

Design Features and Advantages The unique Poort enclosure features an open back, which allows it to cover a counter-top electrical outlet completely. This hides the charging cable(s) entirely, and permits the device to then hang from two screws. right in tile grout if necessary, for simple, non-destructive mounting; even over ceramic back splashes. A Poort uses no counter space, stays out of the way and is easy to keep clean. It can be dismounted and is portable to anywhere in seconds, by simply lifting it off its mounting screw(s). It can also be securely fastened via its flat blackplate.

BC PNP Invited For those interested in entrepreneur BC PNP immigration, an exciting business plan around introducing this new form factor to computing, for your immediate submission has already been prepared, that will allow you to live and work in BC and fully qualify as a nominee. (You must have adequate net worth and be an experienced business person to qualify for immigration, if desired). Permanent residency is projected within 6-10 months, if applicable, as purchasing businesses from retiring Canadians is prioritized.

Highlights for prospective BC PNP applicants:

  • A Poort application has already been invited - and only 10% of applications are invited
  • The business enjoys very high priority for PNP. This is tech manufacturing for world export.
  • The owner Dwight Jones is a (retiring) communications network designer, and in the past has successfully sponsored two families for permanent residence in Canada. 
  • Production is via contract manufacturing in Richmond, using the same plant that built the moulds – no finger-pointing. This also means the owner does not require expertise in manufacturing - all that is contracted.
  • Ideal marketing opportunity for marketers, who can live anywhere with Web connectivity.

High Margins, Low Competition Poort can manufacture custom enclosures in very high volume by injection molding. Initial marketing is now online via Amazon's worldwide marketplaces (search for Poort). This opportunity is to purchase the firm for a reduced price of $79K CAN. The designer/owner remains available to consult and work with the firm.

A Portable Business The firm has ~$30K in stock, two $25K injection moulds and live listings on Amazon and Shopify. Poort uses a contracted plastic injection firm for production. No real estate or business equipment or premises are included beyond our proprietary moulds and stock. The company has no wage, lease, financial, stock or bank commitments beyond an open EDC line of credit. Patent application materials are on file at USPTO denoting the innovative open back as Poort's.

300 Million iPads Installed Base Note that Poorts complement the Apple HomePods, Amazon's Echo/Alexa or any smart speaker, because the onboard iPad brings Web video streaming and applications that so-called 'smart displays' cannot offer, yet utilizes that great smart speaker sound. The latest Poort kit includes TWS wireless ear buds for premium, private audio. Low cost manufacturing allows highly scalable sales with wide profit margins. Export manufacturing can be expected to receive priority support from every level of government, via EDC (Poort has an active account) and within immigration applications.

Website for the products' development history and possible applications.

Contact or call 604 836-7300 8AM-5PM Pacific.

Address: Richmond, Greater Vancouver District
Categories: Technology, Manufacturing
Type: For Sale By Owner