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5991,  Successful 6-Figure Online Business Selling to Knitters and Crocheters

$ 130,000

Pretty Warm Designs Inc. is a registered corporation. We're an e-commerce business, hand making and selling stitch markers for knitters and crocheters, as well as selling related accessories and tools. It's a small but lucrative niche market in the Hobbies industry. The business requires an owner or employee who can knit or crochet.

PWD started as a Sole Proprietorship in 2016. We incorporated in September 2021. Our first fiscal year as a corporation was 6 months long: 03 Sep 2021 - Feb 28 2022 because we decided to set the fiscal year end as February 28/22. The numbers for this 6 month fiscal period are:

  • Income:     $92,148.08
  • Expenses: $45,217.81
  • Profit:        $46,994.36

Revenue for 2021 as a calendar year (combined period with Sole Proprietorship and Corporation): $130,701.00

Revenue for 2020 as a Sole Proprietorship: $109,010.39

There are several parts to the business, as follows below. It can be run by one person from their home.

The price of $130,000.00 includes 100% of the corporation shares which means total ownership of the company, and $19,299.33 (as of 26 May 2022) in product inventory and supplies (both components and stitch markers already made). Tools, equipment, product packaging and shipping supplies value is approximately $1500.00. The sale includes both retail and wholesale websites hosted by Shopify, both Amazon US and Amazon Canada stores, social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), the email lists for retail and wholesale. 


Wholesale: - password is PWDWHOLESALE

Amazon .ca: Pretty Warm Designs

Amazon .com: Pretty Warm Designs

The business has no loans. We don’t use Accounts Receivable. Customers (both retail and wholesale) buy directly from the websites. There are no deferred payments, no 30 or 60 days net. They pay, they get the product.

Supplies are relatively easy to source. I keep a good inventory on hand, in case of supply management issues. We use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of inventory. I will be providing a Business Handbook as well as 2 months of post-sale support to the new owner to facilitate a smooth transition from us to them. The new owner will be responsible for shipping costs of the inventory and supplies to their location. Alternatively, this can be picked up at our location.

Amazon US and Canada is a huge part of the business. Pretty Warm Designs is a search term on Amazon, as well as a registered Brand. We sell in the Handmade category, which is juried by Amazon and very few people get accepted.  You have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you actually make or design what you’re selling. It involves a long application form, photographic proof and an interview. They want makers who create high quality product. Once you are accepted into Handmade, you can literally sell any product as long as you make it. It could be Christmas ornaments, wreaths, printed t-shirts, glassware, jewelry, anything. So our Amazon part of the business is pretty much the golden ring. Handmade sellers get many perks compared to regular sellers. The $40 monthly USD fee is permanently waived. They often call and ask if you want to be included in their special promotions, etc. For example, in 2020 Amazon Canada  included Pretty Warm Designs in their Holiday Christmas Gift Guide. They sent professional photographers out to Vancouver to photograph a few of us, and allowed the use of the portraits on our personal websites. They promoted the Gift Guide extensively, and we benefitted with a large increase in sales at that time.

Wholesale: We serve over 95 shops in 3 countries - Canada, United States and Denmark. The list of shops can be located at the bottom of the retail website home page under Customer Care - LYS Locations.

Pretty Warm Designs ranks high on Google Search. Most of our retail sales come from Google search.

Social Media:

We applied for trademark protection in January 2022 for the business name and logo. The application is still pending with the federal government.

There is a great deal of room for growth in this business. Wholesale continues to grow - we are already up over 20% YOY from 2021. Amazon has more growth potential, as does retail.

We have built this business from the ground up, but we're past retirement age. Pretty Warm Designs is ready for someone younger who is socal media-savvy to take it to the next level. There are opportunities to expand the retail website to include more products for knitters and crocheters, making it a one-stop shop destination. A new owner can leverage social media, email lists and in-person sales at fibre festivals to make this company even more successful.

Email Janet for more information at


Address: Langley, British Columbia
Categories: Retail / Wholesale
Type: For Sale By Owner