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5981,  Label Lions Inc! Reduced to sell!

$ 48,000

Label Lions is a company producing waterproof, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, super-fun labels for kids' stuff.  We believe that our product contributes to limiting the waste that finds itself in landfills annually such as single-use water bottles, and excessive amounts of clothing.  This company was created and registered in Canada and grew a customer base overseas before coming back to Canada to grow within the country.  A full business plan was drawn up, finance acquired and office space found just prior to the first covid lockdowns.  Sadly this halted our growth, and the owner has had to relocate again for employment opportunities.  This company's brand is that of family and environment and the development plan is part of the purchase price.  A development plan is in place, along with a well-developed website, and an e-commerce platform that is fully functional and ready for the right buyer.  The ideal new owner would look to invest in setting up their own printing (or they might own a print shop), as this is the ideal way to be able to scale.  There is enormous potential and it truly breaks our hearts to have had to move overseas and sell our baby (so to speak).  We have all design files that are also part of the sale, including many that are not even products for sale as of yet on the website.  This means that there is development already waiting for someone to move forward with.  Email contact would be preferable as I am out of the country indefinitely.  

Address: Nanaimo, British Columbia
Categories: Retail / Wholesale
Type: For Sale By Owner