Labour shortages are a world-wide phenomenon that has been 6 decades in the making. It won’t correct itself quickly, likely not for the next 2 decades. Businesses and communities first and foremost need to be aware of their local situation. Maintaining vibrant communities by sustaining what has been built, whether it be a business or community is the ultimate goal.

Sharing Venture Connect in Communities

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Workshops for Buyers, Sellers & Stakeholders

Price: Free of charge

An online orientation geared towards what matters to each group of participants in the business succession process. Suitable for Community Futures organizations, business associations and Chambers of Commerce as well as local and regional governments ,and economic/business/community development agencies.

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1-on-1 Intro for Economic & Community Developers

Price: Free of charge

An online orientation to Venture Connect and it services, geared towards leaders in economic and community development. A useful precursor for Venture Connect's group presentation.

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Population Analysis Report

Price: Starts at $750

A detailed report of the current and anticipated demographic trends affecting a community or region. Includes interpretation and analysis of trends and suggestions for mitigating current and expected challenges.


-Comparison of at least 2 of the most recent Census reports.
-Relevant provincial capital, province and country analysis
-Considerations for how to move forward and build community sustainability