Venture Connect's Business Advisors have a collective experience of 30+ years in helping buyers find the right business. Venture Connect is owned by a not-for-profit whose mission is business retention in Canadian communities. Business Advisors do not collect a commission from a business purchase. 

 At Any Stage of the Process

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Price: Free of charge

Buyers are encouraged to explore this website, the business listings, and the How to Buy a Business page then reaching out for a consultation. Having a general understanding of goals, interests, and a list of questions will help structure the conversation and help Venture Connect's Business Advisors tailor their advice. 

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Before a Purchase

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Business Valuation

Price: Starts at $750

An in-depth assessment of a business for sale to ensure a fair listing price and identify opportunities to negotiate. Includes an inspection of the businesses finances, assets, industry, and marketing conditions done by a trained and experienced Business Advisor.

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Concierge Services

Price: Varies

Available for buyers who are not in the region or lack the time to research business opportunities. Venture Connect's concierge service connects buyers with businesses that match their outlined criteria.

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Connections to Loan Providers

Price: Free of charge

While Venture Connect does not offer its own in-house financing, it is owned by Community Futures, whose offices provide loan options for businesses in rural and remote communities. Find a Community Futures office for further assistance.

Venture Connect Business Advisors can also share options for other lenders, such as banks and credit unions.

During a Purchase

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Sale Mediation

Price: Starts at $750

A Letter of Intent (LOI), terms of agreement, and an outline of responsibilities for buyers and sellers to move the purchase along smoothly. 88% of sales negotiations through a Venture Connect Business Advisor conclude in a successful purchase, compared with only 25% without mediation services. Venture Connect Business Advisors do not collect a commission for sales.

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Business Plan Support

Price: $1,000

Venture Connect can help put together a concise business plan for lending or operational needs of the business. The plan includes financial budget and cash flow.

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After a Purchase

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Connections to Entrepreneur Services

Price: Free of charge

Venture Connect is owned by Community Futures, a not-for-profit providing business development services through 267 offices across Canada. Services vary from office to office and are generally free of charge. Resources are available to any businesses located in rural, remote and non-metropolitan communities.