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Duncan, British Columbia
  • Patrick riding
  • Snow Day Senior cycler
  • Trailer in City Erin
  • Patrick riding
  • Snow Day Senior cycler
  • Trailer in City Erin
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Agent/Broker $ 50,000


Join the green revolution while earning money and staying fit with our turnkey bicycle-based mobile business. The Cowichan Recyclists specialize in last-mile waste pickup services, contributing to a net-negative waste approach and participating in the emerging circular economy. Established in 2007, our business boasts proven and growing revenues with a loyal customer base. No prior experience or license required, just a passion for peddling waste alternatives.

Key Features:

  • Customized waste collection systems for local small to medium-sized commercial businesses and properties. All conducted by bicycle.

  • Commercial organics pickup and courier service.

  • Material mostly pre-sorted by customers for responsible disposal.

  • Low overhead costs. Can be home-based or small shop.

  • Positive environmental impact, high community engagement, health benefits.


  1. Competitive Pricing: Services currently underpriced compared to competitors, providing ample room for local growth.

  2. Expansion Potential: Opportunity to expand operations into progressively vehicle-unfriendly downtown cores. Grant opportunities.

  3. Integrated Circular Services: Offer additional value and generate higher revenues by delivering integrated circular services to existing clients.


1. Logistical Systems: There is room for improvement in coordinating pickup and staffing schedules. A customized app to manage requests, deploy staff, and track results would be beneficial before scaling.

Possible Buyers:

  1. New community members/family purchase. Low barrier to entry. Instant income. Positive social connections.

  2. Seniors Cooperative: Perfect for seniors looking to generate retirement income, stay fit, and contribute to environmental causes simultaneously.

  3. Non-profits/social enterprises: Public/private partnership serving as a pathway to community reintegration for street community.


$50,000 CAD (Share Sale of Cowichan Recyclists Ltd)
Includes all equipment, trailers, training, and customer database.

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