Exceptional Award-Winning Salon Opportunity

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  • Price: $ 545,000
  • Location: Victoria, British Columbia
  • Industry: Service
  • Listing ID #: 6660
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Ref # : 6660

Agent/Broker $ 545,000


A unique opportunity to own a high profile salon, thriving in profitability and adorned with prestigious awards. With a legacy spanning over three decades, this establishment has earned its stripes, securing the coveted Salon of the Year title in both 2019 and 2023. Renowned for its stellar service and a premium array of products, this salon stands as a beacon of excellence.


The team of dedicated stylists craft personalized experiences tailored to the unique preferences of each client. Embracing sustainability, the company utilizes eco-friendly, renewable, and plant-based products, fostering an atmosphere that harmonizes luxury with environmental consciousness, delivering an indulgent and serene ambiance. 


The establishment is situated in an enchanting location with substantial foot traffic, strategically positioned at the heart of accessibility, easily reached by public transit, private vehicles, and pedestrians alike.


Embark on an extraordinary venture by acquiring this well-established salon, boasting a devoted clientele, outstanding services, top-notch products, and a team of seasoned stylists. Whether you seek active involvement or prefer a more hands-off approach, this business thrives independently, minimizing the necessity for a full-time owner/operator. The current owner invests a mere 10 to 15 hours monthly, ensuring staff contentment and operational smoothness. Seize this remarkable opportunity and step into a flourishing legacy.


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  • Contact Phone : 2506868308
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  • Contact Name : Mike Lenz
  • Contact Email : mike@chinookmabb.com



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