Business Search Service

Are you unable to locate a business specific to your needs or that of your client? 

We assist buyers and buyer agents from all over the globe locate businesses.  Our large network of community partners can help match business opportunities to your specific profile. Venture Connect’s Customized Business Search compiles the opportunities and presents them to you for consideration.   

  • We specialize in searches throughout rural BC
  • Saves you time by locating opportunities not easily found or available through an electronic search
  • Many opportunities present as a result of local knowledge even if the businesses are not actively listed for sale
  • Network partners include Community Futures, Economic Development Agencies, Immigration Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Government among others

A 2nd search may be conducted at no additional charge if the first search does not identify appropriate opportunities.  Criteria modifications may also be made for the second search. 

Pricing for Customized Business Searches is $500 and takes approximately 2 weeks.

Once your payment is received we will forward a Buyer/Investor Profile Form to you. Data obtained from you will be held confidential and used to direct our search.