Large Cannabis/Psychedelic LP & Sales Business

Oliver, British Columbia
  • Cannabis 13
  • Price: $ 8,488,888
  • Location: Oliver, British Columbia
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Listing ID #: 5962
Details Request for Listing

Ref # : 5962

Agent/Broker $ 8,488,888


Premium Cannabis Cultivation, Processing & Sales with Psychedelic approvals.


With a vision to help patients gain access to consistent high-quality organic therapeutics this company is well positioned to address this need!  


This is a pre-commercial therapeutic company in the Life Sciences Industry that has obtained all licenses, permits, and infrastructure required to Go To Market for cannabis cultivation and processing.  


They are licensed for Standard Cultivation, Standard Processing, Medical Sales and Hemp and are positioned well for a Farmgate Dispensary on-site.


The company has recently received Health Canada approval for construction notice of a Dealer's License Level 8 Psychedelic Secure Environ and Psilocybin production.



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