Exceptional Opportunity to Own an Industry Leading Small Business

Kelowna, British Columbia
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  • Price: $ 1,125,000
  • Location: Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Listing ID #: 5886
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Ref # : 5886

Agent/Broker $ 1,125,000


The business' goal has always been to provide the best selection of auto parts, heavy duty parts, outdoor supplies and service at the best price. In order to achieve said goal, it has been expanding the list of brands and manufacturers it works with since it's establishment back in 1970.


The business offers a variety of services to accommodate the community and other local businesses.  It has a small engine shop with two very skilled and friendly small engine mechanics to work on all of your chainsaw, generator, lawnmower and outdoor equipment maintenance.  The business also has the capabilities to make or fix hydraulic hoses on site. 


The  team members work diligently to provide customers with the parts you need, whether it be forestry, RV, electrical, auto, outdoor supplies and more! 



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