Upmarket HVAC Company with Extra Niche For Sale

  • Wood Fireplace Installation
  • Price: $ 1,275,000
  • Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Industry: Service
  • Listing ID #: 5852
Details Request for Listing

Ref # : 5852

Agent/Broker $ 1,275,000


Chinook Business Advisory is honoured to present an HVAC company that delineates itself from the competition through an extra level of people-first philosophy and a specialty niche offering that others in their market simply don’t have. The core of the work is designing and building systems for luxury homes and smaller commercial buildings… and then there is the extra niche part of the business.

Built from the ground up by the seller, this business has gained the trust and respect of the best builders and high end home owners. In the twenty years since humble beginnings out of the back of the owner’s truck, an excellent team has been developed which is providing an exceptional living and lifestyle for the owner and his family.

Satisfied with the performance of the business, the seller chooses not to grow in staff to speed the backlog of 80 potential customers that sit on a waiting list for this firm’s services. There is also a large service component that is available to an owner more interested in growth. 

The seller understands his key role in the business and is prepared to work with the buyer appropriately to facilitate a smooth transition.

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