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Burnaby, Greater Vancouver District
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  • Price: $ 780,000
  • Location: Burnaby, Greater Vancouver District
  • Industry: Construction
  • Listing ID #: 5441
Details Request for Listing

Ref # : 5441

For Sale By Owner $ 780,000


Great Value and Opportunity at this Deal - Return on investment 25% a year (plus salary for the owner)
For sale is established and very busy concrete cutting, coring and scanning business.
It's time for you to be your own boss! 
Very important: Read this entire post before you contact me.
! Price is firm. / No equipment is gonna be sold separately.
! This business is not a good fit for somebody who only wants to invest his/her money and be "not involved in a day to day operations" and this is NOT A Tech Startup. :-)
This is in a first-place for somebody who is gonna be owner operator with helper/helpers and one or two operators to help with the workload down the road after you master this trade. 
(Please note that this unfortunate situation with COVID-19 didn't make an impact on this business and it still runs
on same level as previous years. Owner will demonstrate that to a buyer before any payment is done and has nothing to do with this sale so only serious inquires please.)
This company has only newest technology High Cycle Three Phase Equipment which makes the job much easier and smoothly done.
Package highlights:
Brand New Mercedes Sprinter 3500 XD - fully equipped with Sterling Shelves, Hitch, GPS tracking and Alarm plus Puck Locks. (It's cost is more than $75 000)
Husqvarna WS482HF - full extra package with a big number of extra items worth more than $120 000.
One extra spare wall saw head - WS482HF so you don't have any downtime - $50 000.
Husqvarna DXR Demplition Robot worth $100 000 (New is $200 000.)
Chain Attachment WSC40 for WS482HF - $20 000.
Husqvarna Wall Saw - WS220HF Package with Extras - $70 000.
Diesel Generator three-phase 25kVa - tow behind - $35 000.
Gas Generator three-phase 15 kVa - very compact one for carrying inside the van - $18 000.
4 x Husqvarna K6500 PowerCutter (4 x $6000)
2 x Husqvarna K6500 RingSaw (2 x $8000)
1x Husqvarna K6500 ChainSaw ( 1 x $7000)
2 x Husqvarna DM650 Three phase Core Drill - ( 2 x $5500)
1 x Power Pack PP65 - ($ 6000)
5 Different coring sets ($ $15 000) 
Electric slab saw 8KW ($8000) 
Hilti concrete scanner ($30 000) plus locators and other equipment needed for scanning.
A big number of diamond blades and coring bits in the stock
Shop Inventory - tools, benches, Knaack boxes etc.
The owner will stay and help you run business for 4 months plus additional 2 months full support as an advisor:
2 months to train wall sawing and slab cutting (working together with you no charge)
1 month to train scanning and coring 
1 month to provide support for you running the business - full training in marketing practice, client communication skills, invoicing, health and safety and all other skills needed for you to be successful from the start.
2 months as an advisor, not involved anymore in a business operation.
Please note - prices above are just as an orientation for what you get in this deal and that you see this is a really very well equipped business. That is not a full detailed equipment list.  
You can stay and operate at owner's shop located in central Burnaby at favourable lease conditions if you want.
This business has enough equipment that you can run three crews at the same time and bring your ROI to less than three years which gives you the return on your investment at really high number. 
(ROI or return on investment is a number which tells you in how many years you are gonna get your invested money back. Anything above 20% in a business is considered exceptionally good. That calculation DOES NOT include your salary as the owner-operator).
This business has an extremely LOW stress level - which I find as a great value.
Also, this business doesn't have NOT A ONE unpaid invoice in the last 6 years from clients - we have 100% collection and we've never been forced to hire a collection agency or similar.
And last but not the least - this job it is a physical work in a noisy and at times a very dirty environment. If you don't mind that and to work hard you can secure yourself financially really comfortable life. 
I would not advise you to consider this business deal if you plan to buy it only as an investment and 
not to be working in it, at least for some time in the beginning.
A big advantage of this deal is that most of the price that you pay you actually get that much worth of the equipment,
and just a smaller portion of it is for the hardest part - building up a successful business. As most new businesses fail, here you get a company which is already generating profits and has a big regular customer base.
Please feel free to email me questions and I will be more than happy to answer them but note that I will not be
calling you back right away as there are too many "..." people out there and I really don't have a time or energy to talk with them and listen to their nonsenses - so first only email communication.

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